City of Cottage
Leaf Pickup 
                                          Leave your leaves with us

Public Works
400 E. Main Street
Cottage Grove, Oregon  97424
Fax (541)942-1267

Next round of Leaf Pickup begins November 16, 2015
Click here for the 2015 Leaf Pickup Brochure (PDF file)

The Public Works Department is scheduled to collect residential leaves from City streets during the following three time periods:

November 16th - 20th
December 14th - 18th
December 28th - 31st

If you want your leaves collected please:
Pile leaves on the street surface near the gutter or edge of the road if no gutter.  Please keep the gutter, ditches and street grates free of leaves.
Pile leaves so they do not block bike or traffic lanes.
Do not put leaves in plastic bags.

Debris such as branches, shrub prunings, rocks, metal, lawn clippings and leaves in plastic bags will not be picked up.  Because leaf pickup  will be accomplished with a front end loader and dump trucks, leaf piles that are under or very close to parked cars will not be picked up.

To make sure that leaves are picked up during the scheduled collection times, residents should pile them in the street, in the curbside parking area before each scheduled pickup period.  Do not place leaves in the street where curbside parking does not exist such as East Main Street, Gateway Blvd. and North 9th Street.

Depending on the amount of leaves on the streets, maintenance crews may make unscheduled pickups in some areas.  However, after December 31st, property owners will be responsible for the removal of leaves.

In order to minimize the time that leaf piles are in the street affecting parking and drainage, it is suggested that leaves be put out on the weekend immediately prior to the first day of the pickup period.  

Property owners are responsible for any hazard they create by placing leaves in the streets.  Care should be taken that leaves do not create a hazard for bicyclists or motorists or restrict street drainage.

For more details check out the 2015 Leaf Pickup Brochure by clicking here (PDF file).

If you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department at (541)942-3349 or email: