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Cottage Grove
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400 E. Main Street
Cottage Grove, Oregon  97424
Fax 942-1267
Cottage Grove, the "Covered Bridge Capital of Oregon", is located in the middle of western Oregon and in the southern part of Lane County.   

Six of the covered bridges in Lane County are located in or around the City of Cottage Grove. Centennial Bridge, Chambers Railroad Bridge, Currin Bridge, Dorena Bridge, Mosby Creek Bridge and Stewart Bridge)  For information regarding these bridges and all covered bridges in Lane County visit the Lane County Covered Bridge web page.  The web site contains history, pictures and other information on each bridge.  

Cottage Grove is located on Interstate 5 (I-5) which is the region's major north-south interstate highway. Cottage Grove is approximately 20 miles from the major population center of the area (Eugene-Springfield) and serves an immediate labor market of approximately 35,000 people.

Cottage Grove was selected as an All-America City in 1968 and 2004.  Cottage Grove is one of only two cities in the State of Oregon to have received the All-America City award twice.   No other city in Oregon has received the award more than twice.

The first thing most newcomers to Cottage Grove notice is that people they don't know will look them in the eye and speak with them on the street. The second thing is the quality and variety of the people.

All the usual service clubs, fraternal organizations and veterans groups are active. There are more than 30 churches, offering a broad range of denominations.
There are many things to do in Cottage Grove. Boating, swimming, fishing and water skiing are available at two lakes, each about six miles from the City's center. There are six covered bridges in the area, over 20 varied restaurants, two golf courses, many antique and second hand shops, a local theater, two museums , and a bowling alley.

Annual community events include Historic Home Tours, the Cottage Grove Rodeo, Bohemia Mining Days and the Family Fun Fair-Western Oregon Exposition.

Bicycling in East Regional Park

Once thought of as a timber dependent community, Cottage Grove has successfully begun to diversify its economy. Diversification seems to be helping Lane County's economy, as well as Cottage Grove's.  There have been significant impacts on the area from increased employment in small technology related firms. Also, tourism in Lane County has increased over the last three to five years. Cottage Grove has seen some new eating establishments and remodeling of old ones.

The July 1, 2006 population estimate from Portland State University for Cottage Grove was 9,275. Between 1980 and 1990, the population of Cottage Grove grew by 3.6%, which is somewhat slower (4% slower) than the population increase in Oregon.  Community and council goals establish 2-3% annual population growth as desirable.

The average high temperature in July and August is 77 degrees with the average low on summer nights in the 50's. The coldest month is January, with an average low of 34 degrees and highs in the 40's.
Oregon has a reputation for heavy rain, but tends to be gentle enough not to disrupt most outdoor activities. In winter, days are mostly cloudy and early morning fog or overcast skies are common. Summers are sunny and dry, with rain on only three or four days in July and August. Snow within Cottage Grove is rare, but the nearby mountains accumulate a snowpack that enhances the view from the City and provides winter recreation areas close at hand. Centennial Pedestrian Bridge - located in downtown Cottage Grove

Cottage Grove has the council-manager form of government. There is a seven-member council including the Mayor.  Click here to visit the Mayor and City Councilors webpages.  
Cottage Grove Police The City provides full-time police  and operates the water and wastewater systems serving the City.  The City also operates a public library, which is open six days a week, and provides planning and development, and park maintenance.  The City has just completed a $11 million upgrade to the wastewater treatment system.  The state-of -the-art treatment plant reflects the community's commitment to protecting and improving the environment.