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Visit your power utility's website for more information about renewable energy options.

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In October, 2008 Cottage Grove was named as the 17th City in the nation as a Green Power Community.

However in the the standards for designation as a Green Power Community recently changed. 

In order to maintain our
Green Power Community designtation the
Greening the Grove Challenge  has started to reach 5% energy purchased in the community.  Currently we are just over 3%

Join the
Greening the Grove 5%
Visit your power provider's website listed to the left and sign up today.

  The Greening the Grove Challenge is a voluntary program and citizens are encouraged to consider the impact and benefits of participating in the Renewable Energy Programs with their energy provider.

Support renewable energy by enrolling in your utility's green power option.

The City of Cottage Grove 's goal for the Greening the Grove - Renewable Energy Challenge was to work together to support renewable energy development, minimize our environmental footprint and help the City of Cottage Grove achieve national recognition as a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Green Power Community. 

In November, 2007 the City of Cottage Grove began working on the goal by partnering with the two electricity providers within the City by purchasing 10 percent of the City's electricity from renewable sources. 

In March 2008 the City began the Greening the Grove Challenge and the community responded.  The impacts of the challenge can be seen to the right.  We have definitely made a difference.

More can be done.   To find out more about renewable power options from your provider follow the links to the left  for your provider.

To find out more about being a Green Power Community
visit  the


Check out your utility's Green Power program and make a difference today!

Check out the difference we have made already. 

Greening the Grove results
(as of 10/10/11

Percent of utility customers participating in Green Power 
(goal 6%)
(was 3.2%  on 12/8/07)

Percent of energy purchased from renewable sources
(2011 goal 5%)
(was 1.73%  on 12/8/07)

Impact at current participation rates:

Tons of CO2 Avoided
(was 1,239 on 12/8/07)

Miles not Driven
(was 3,431,506  on12/8/07)

Cars off the road
(was 275 on 12/8/07)

Acres of trees planted
(was 556 on 12/8/07)

Number of trees planted
(was 278,027 on 12/8/08)