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CGWiFi is here!

Over 80% of the City is covered by the WiFi.  Currently tests continue as more radios are added to the system.  Bandwidth and speed tests are being conducted as additional radios are added to the system to ensure the final system will have sufficient speeds for the community.  To check it out just have your computer search for available wireless networks.  If "CG-WIFI" is listed you should be able to get access.  New radios and locations are being added  regularly. 

Anyone with a WiFi card in their computer will be able to connect to the system.  CGWiFi is constructed using Cisco Aironet 1522 radios that are compliant with IEEE 802.11a and 802.11b/g standards.  A wireless receiver in a laptop or desktop computers that meets those standards can connect to the system.   To ensure a secure and stable connection subscribers to the system may want to consider a "gateway" or external antenna.  A number of systems are available that will improve signal strengths and service speeds.  For more information or assistance in improving your connection to CG WiFi contact: or (541)359-2367.

To connect and use the system you must have a user name and password.  Registration for a user name and password can be done online or at City Hall.  When you register you will be given a username and password that will let you access CGWiFi.  To register you must be 18 years old or older and must show valid identification if in person or provide a valid credit card online. 

Beginning in February the subscribers to the system will be able to select the level of broadband service they wish to receive.   There will be 5 levels of service to select from:

Service Price
128 Kbs - 128 K service -     10 Hours per month no email account - no tech support
256 Kbs service -  unlimited hours per month- no tech support
1.5 Mbs service -  unlimited hours per month - tech support available during business hours
3.0 Mbs service - unlimited hours per month -  tech support available during business hours
7.0 Mbs service - unlimited hours per month - tech support available during business hours
Note:  Fast dial-up modem speed is 56Kbs

Speeds represented on the table above are for both download and upload and speeds may vary depending on bandwidth traffic on the system.   Additional services and level of service plans will be available for business and home accounts. 

Subscribers will be able to pay for their service with their monthly City Utility bill or they will be able to pay for the service online with a credit card.  The service is a monthly service - you can change your level of service each month. 

CGWiFi is a service provided by the City of Cottage Grove.  The City of Cottage Grove developed CGWiFi after many years of efforts to improve the availability of broadband services within the community.  The City of Cottage Grove fiber optic and WiFi System were developed to primarily; create infrastructure capacity, provide connectivity and enhance technology available for South Lane School District and Lane Community College and to improve broadband service for Public Safety and government operations.  CGWiFi was created using excess capacity on the system to provide the public access to broadband services.  The fees for public broadband services cover the operation and  bandwidth requirements for the public use.  As a result of the development of the system all the South Lane School District Schools and District office within the City limits, Creswell School District and schools and City Hall are connected to fiber.  South Lane Fire and Rescue facilities in Creswell and Cottage Grove and Creswell City Hall are ready for connection.   The City is working with the Regional Fiber Consortium to develop additional fiber infrastructure that will connect the Cottage Grove Hospital to the fiber system. 

If you have any suggestions or information you would like to see, please contact us at:

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How to Find CG WiFi - pdf flyer with tips on how to find and connect to CG WiFi

Only registered users can access the system.  To register please visit to register online.  Registered users will receive a username and password.   Registration is free.   Registered users of CG WiFi will be able to select a level of service online.  The service can be paid for online with a credit card or members of the community with a current City utility account will be able to add the service to their utility bill.   Current residents in multi-family housing without a utility account in their name can also sign up for a monthly bill for CG WiFi by visiting City Hall.
For those without a credit card you can now sign up for service in person at City Hall.  You must be able to show identification.

To subscribe or set up service online with CG WiFi visit: